High School students (grades 9-12) participating in the Middletown Public Library Teen Volunteer Program will learn valuable working skills that will transfer to paid jobs later. Volunteer jobs help to prepare teens to become job ready while working in the library, learning customer service skills, and learning how to interact with a variety of people. Teens will participate in a resume building program and an interview skills workshop. 

Some of the tasks are: 

  • Tutoring 
  • Demonstrate STEM kits 
  • Create book lists online 
  • Put up book displays 
  • Assist in leading gaming tournaments  
  • Read books and write book reviews, and/or video game and film reviews 
  • Assist in leading gaming programs in some locations. 
  • Create a program that interests you. 
  • Create posts for Middletown  
  • Help with programming, College “Meet and Greets”, Intergenerational book clubs 

The volunteer program runs year-round; in the fall, spring, and in the summer. Interested teens should reach out to Wendy, the Youth Services Librarian,  at 401-846-1573 ext. 3